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Board of Directors  
David F. Hale, Chairman
Chairman and CEO of Hale BioPharma Ventures, Founding Director Conatus Pharmaceuticals, Chairman, Somaxon Pharmaceuticals, President and CEO CancerVax Corp. until merge with Micromet AG which was then acquired by Amgen, President and CEO Womens First HealthCare, Inc., President, CEO and Chairman, Gensia Inc., which became Gensia Sicor, President and CEO, Hybritech Inc. Chairman, Santarus, Inc. Director, SkinMedica, Inc., Neurelis Inc. Co-founder and Director, BIOCOM/ San Diego and CONNECT, Director, Biotechnology Industry Organization, Rady Children’s Hospital and Health Center, and the Burnham Institute for Medical Research.

Stan Sewitch, Director
Stan Sewitch is Managing Partner, KI Investment Holdings, LLC. Mr. Sewitch was also the founder and CEO of HRG, Inc. an organizational, operational, human resources and strategic consulting company, acquired by RSM McGladrey. Mr. Sewitch also formed two other companies, Emlyn Systems, a software company publishing a human resources information system and Chromagen, a biotechnology company endeavoring to commercialize proprietary assays for drug research. Mr. Sewitch held senior management positions in operations and human resources at several companies including TRW's LSI products division in San Diego, Elm Corporation, Martin Marietta Aluminum, Smith International and Mycogen Corporation. Mr. Sewitch currently serves on the board of several companies.

Charles J. Cashion, Director
Mr. Cashion is the Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and co-founder of Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc. He was formerly Chief Financial Officer of IDUN Pharmaceuticals, which was sold to Pfizer in 2005. Mr. Cashion was Chief Financial Officer of Quidel Corp and The Immune Response Corporation where he was instrumental in directing and managing corporate strategy, completed public stock registrations, debt financings and company acquisitions.

Karen A. Klause, Director
Ms. Klause is the Former Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for CMP’s Medical Education division of CME, LLC., which was re-located to New Jersey in 2008. Ms. Klause was formerly the President and Chief Executive Officer of Digirad Corp., President of AuntMinnie.com, and Vice President of Strategic Planning and Sales and Marketing for the In Vivo Imaging and Therapeutics Division of Hybritech Inc.

Lonna J. Williams, Chief Executive Office, Director

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