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Executive Management  
Lonna J. Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Lonna J. Williams, CEO of Ridge Diagnostics, has over 25 years of experience in executive management and commercial operations in medical diagnostics and devices. Lonna has successfully brought over 25 new products to market, commercializing four novel technologies, and integrating diagnostics and pharmaceuticals for personalized medicine applications. Lonna has held senior management positions in both large, multinational companies and startup organizations including Johnson and Johnson, Hybritech Inc./Eli Lilly and Co., Gen-Probe Inc., Quidel Corp., Prometheus Inc., and Viking Systems. Lonna founded two companies prior to joining Ridge in 2008 and became CEO and Director in 2009.

Perry Renshaw, MD, Ph.D, Chief Medical Officer, Founder
Dr. Renshaw, a co-founder of Ridge Diagnostics, is currently the Director of Magnetic Resonance at the Utah Brain Institute, University of Utah. He is a Professor of Psychiatry, University of Utah School of Medicine, and a USTAR Investigator. Formerly, Dr. Renshaw was Professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard School of Medicine and Director of the McClean Hospital Brain Imaging Center. Dr. Renshaw provides us with exceptional expertise in MDD, PTSD and other neuropsychiatric disorders. He also provides access to academic medicine and patient samples. He is the Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on federally funded grants and industry-sponsored clinical trials.

John Bilello, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer, Founder
Before joining Ridge Diagnostics, Dr Bilello was the Director of Technology Development for GlaxoSmithKline and Director of Preclinical R&D; at two successful biotechnology companies, SRA Life Sciences and VIRCO Lab. He provides us with wide-ranging experience in the design and management of multiple research and development projects in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology sector and academia.

Bo Pi, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer, Founder
Dr. Bo Pi has 18 years of experience in R&D; and product management. Prior to co-founding Ridge Diagnostics, Dr. Pi founded Oluma, raised funding rounds, served as chairman of the Board and CTO, and was responsible for developing the business and technology strategy for the company. Dr Pi has received the nation’s top “R&D; 100 Award”, and has 22 patents granted and 10 pending in the field of photo-electronics, optics, detectors and detection systems and biological test systems.

Kelly San George, Chief Financial Officer
Kelly San George has over 20 years of experience in financial leadership roles primarily in the medical diagnostics industry. Most recently, she was Director of Finance at Synergy Health, a $500 MM global provider of medical sterilization services. Prior she was Vice President, Finance and Administration, at Bionostics, a $30 MM medical device manufacturer of quality control solutions. She joined Bionostics as Accounting Manager and was subsequently promoted to Controller, Treasurer, and later appointed Vice President, Finance and Administration. She was a key player in the sale of the company to Ferraris Group, plc in 2003 and subsequently held the top financial role for the UK group both while it was listed on the London Stock Exchange and while it transitioned in 2008 back to private ownership.
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