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Ridge Diagnostic's test for Major Depressive Disorder consists of serum measurements of key Biological Markers and a proprietary algorithm that generates a single result. The outcome or score, MDDScore™, provides an assessment of the likelihood of an individual having depression (Major Depressive Disorder, or MDD). The component Biological Markers represent key biological pathways that have been shown to contribute to the pathophysiology of depression. These biological markers are mapped onto a multi-dimensional hyperspace model to create hyperspace vectors that define the biomarker patterns suggesting major depressive disorder.

The Biological Markers that comprise MDDScore derive from Ridge’s proprietary Human Biomarker Library and our Biomarker Hyper-Mapping™ technology. This unique platform has received strong endorsement from leading neurodiagnostic clinical researchers and in the psychiatric medical community.

MDDScore is indicated as an aid in the diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder and is to be used in conjunction with other clinical and laboratory findings.

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