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First-in-class blood tests for Major Depressive Disorder and Other Neuropsychiatric Diseases

 " …I think it would have a huge affect on the field….one of the great challenges in psychiatry is the absence of hard definitive tests to diagnose a disorder.  They are all based on clinical questions and clinical assessments which lead to many not believing that they are real diseases….",   "…maybe the reason the meds were not working is because the diagnosis was incorrect…" (Psychiatrists)

Ridge Diagnostics is a neurodiagnostic company nearing the commercialization of it’s proprietary first-in-class blood test for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD).  Based upon it’s proprietary Human Biomarker Library and it’s Biomarker Hyper-Map™   technology platform, Ridge Diagnostics researches, develops, and commercializes multi-variant biological maker assays and diagnostic algorithms to diagnose, select and monitor treatment for MDD and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

Antidepressant drugs are the most frequently prescribed medication in the US today where depression strikes over 19 million adults each year – more than coronary artery disease, cancer or AIDS.  For the first time, objective biological test information about depression will aid physicians in the differential diagnosis of MDD, the selection of proper treatment and effective management of their patients.

American Psychiatric Association
2009 Annual Meeting
May 16-21, 2009
San Francisco, California